Gorilla Password Manager

Posted by batman on Feb 27th, 2010
Feb 27

Download Password Gorilla as a platform-independent, ready-to-run Starkit (239 kB).

To run the Password Gorilla Starkit, you need a Tclkit for your platform. Tclkits exist for
many operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and others. (Mac OS X note: you need the Wishkit, not the Tclkit.)

Follow the link to the “Download” section in the right-hand menu, and then to the “download area.” Use any “8.4” version.

Don’t forget to assign execute permission to the tclkit after downloading, i.e., chmod +x tclkit

After following the installation instructions for tclkit, you should be able to run Password Gorilla by typing

tclkit gorilla-1.4.kit

at the console. If desired, rename the “.kit” file as “gorilla”, assign execute permission
(i.e. chmod +x gorilla), and move both tclkit and “gorilla” to a directory in your “$PATH”.
After that exercise, Password Gorilla can be started by typing gorilla at a console.

Note: default builds of tclkit come without support for internationalization, but only with support for the ASCII and ISO-8859-1 character sets. To use Password Gorilla with other character sets, use the source code below.

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