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Posted by batman on Nov 23rd, 2011
Nov 23


I have been quietly working on a website that might one day evolve into something with commercial value for me. At this point it is nowhere near that, and I am just focussing on developing a framework that might enable my future vision, all the while gaining valuable learning and experience as to the various components of website setup, management, development, ecommerce, as well as gaining exposure to the various technical libraries and stacks that can be used. Should this venture become throwaway – then that is fine – I will still take something away with me, and at the minimum could be used to showcase something that I have done.

I have wanted to gain exposure to a.o. PayPal integration, registration and login authentication, protection against hackers/spammers, auditing and financial transactioning, and perhaps elementary website design using Html5, CSS3 and jQuery, to mention but a few.

By day I am a Java developer, writing (corporate/enterprise) applications for the giants of life assurance in sunny South Africa. From previous posts on this blog you may have guessed that I am employed by a company called Alacrity – I am very happy here, and they have given me many opportunties on various projects over the years. This venture gives me a stark contrast to that, since I get to decide what I want the application to do, how I want to do it, and when. I can choose the libraries, IDE, technology, etc., and I answer to no-one. It is what has kept me sane in the corporate world. I get some perverse satisfaction in deliberately writing a piece of code (not much mind you) in a manner that goes against restrictive corporate standards – just because I can!

I intend to write a few more articles in this series, including CodeIgniter PHP framework, Automated Web Testing using Selenium, security, PayPal integration, to mention a few.


I used GoDaddy to register my primary domain ( I paid 9.99 USD, which is annually renewable. I use this domain to host primary blog website (Blog of Batman, using WordPress), as well as this blog (Batman @ Work, also using WordPress).


I use Servage to host my domains. I paid 6.49 USD per month (I opted for the 6 month option, but will definitely renew after that). This includes 510GB of diskspace, 5010GB of data transfer per month, unlimited domains, virtual hosting, FTP, several useful automated installer scripts e.g. wordpress, mediawiki, openbook, etc.. and their response times are very good.

You will need to bring your domain across to your hosting provider – they will provide you with DNS settings (Name Servers) – that you will need to take back to the place where you registered your domain. This includes one domain with Servage, although I only realized that sometime later – I created a domain that I didn’t need back then, but envisaged that I might someday. I have since released a PHP application (although not yet for public consumption) at, with a corresponding blog to document the app. It doesn’t lead to much yet – it’s just work-in-progress.


Servage provides several services that I make use of – Apache WebServer to host my PHP website, MySQL database, Email and FTP for backups & deployment. In addition they provide a handy dashboard (probably not uncommon though) which allows me to manage my MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin (run scripts, add tables, columns, run backups), a view of my filesystem (create/delete/rename filenames/directories, modify ownership/permissions), manage email and FTP accounts and create tickets for e.g. my site becomes unavailable.


Alacrity (Pty) Ltd

Blog of Batman

Batman @ Work

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